Whitening bright essence

Whitening bright essence(30ml)

Original price:NTD $980

Evens skin tone, purifies the skin, moisturizes the skin and lightens spots.

Foúnico understands women’s frustration when seeing their dark skin tone in the mirror. We developed processes especially for Asian women which improves skin tone, purifies the skin and lightens spots.

The bottles are sterile and vacuum, prevent the air from getting into the bottle and guarantee the freshness of the essence every time you press. Thus it will not decrease activation due to oxidation.

※Cautions: The product is produced and filled in sterile environment, thus do not remove the push pump.

  • Water & Palmaria Palmata extract
    Rich in oligosaccharides, can inhibit the activation of tyrosinase. Provides bright and pure skin tone.

  • Hydrolyzed Opuntia Ficus-indica Flower extract
    Gently cleans old cuticles and improves skin tone. Tightens pores and lightens wrinkles.

  • Tranexanic Acid
    Effective whitening ingredient proclaimed by the government. It prevents the black spots from generating.

  • Allantoin
    Able to sooth and moderate skins, recover damaged skin tissues and enhance the ability of skins to absorb nutrients.

    Whitening patent.

  • DermalRx®SRC
    Includes DermalRx®SRC extract from yeasts and soybean, able to moderate and metabolize dark cuticles. Promotes absorption of skin care products and whitens skins.

  • Arginine
    One of the essential amino acids in human body, and also a natural moisturizing factor in skins, can enhance skin moisturizing ability.

  • How to apply
    Apply the product after essence lotion. Apply a suitable amount on your face and gently press it until it is absorbed.
  • Storage
    Please utilize the product as soon as possible after opening. Please keep the mouth of bottle clean and store the product in cool and ventilated places to avoid sunlight.

  • Cautions
    For sensitive skins, please use after the local test without irritating outcome. Please stop using immediately if uncomfortable and seek advice from doctors.

  • Useful Tips
    Please finish using the products in 6 months after opening. There are natural plant extractions in the products, so please feel free at utilizing if there are variations in the color or odor.

  • Volume:30ml