Moisturizer activation day & night cream

Moisturizer activation day & night cream(50ml)

Original price:NTD $980

Contains a variety of plant extract essence, provides the skin effective moisturizing, soothes and hydrates skin. Provides glow and radiant skins.

The most essential factor for healthy skins is moisture, it is also an important basis for anti-aging and whitening. Good moisturizing mechanisms enable skins to be softer, brighter and healthier. Furthermore, it can enhance absorption of the following skin care products. Foúnico Moisturizer activation day & night cream infiltrates to the bottom of skins, creates long-term moisture and provides glow and radiant skins. The skins look even exhausted when invaded by the environment. This is when Moisturizer activation day & night cream can be used as an overnight mask, and you will see glow and radiant skins the next day.

  • Ichtyocollagene™ PH
    Marine Collagen is pure and natural, and is similar to the collagens and amino acids in human body. Thus, the skins can absorb easily and achieve the effects of anti-wrinkle and protection.

  • Aloe Barbadensis Miller extract
    Contains high efficiency moisturizing ingredients and restores glow and radiance of skins.

  • Viola Tricolor extract
    Moisturizes skins and lightens wrinkles, maintains youthful skins.。

    Red algae extract, includes various kinds of micronutrients and moisturizing factors. Intensify skin protection and recover dry and weak skins.

  • Moist 24™PH
    Ingredient of long-term moisturizing patent.

  • How to apply
    Apply the product after essence lotion. Apply a suitable amount on your face and gently press it until it is absorbed. The product can also be used as an overnight mask.
  • Storage
    Please utilize the product as soon as possible after opening. Please keep the mouth of bottle clean and store the product in cool and ventilated places to avoid sunlight.

  • Cautions
    For sensitive skins, please use after the local test without irritating outcome. Please stop using immediately if uncomfortable and seek advice from doctors.

  • Useful Tips
    Please finish using the products in 6 months after opening. There are natural plant extractions in the products, so please feel free at utilizing if there are variations in the color or odor.

  • Volume:50ml